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Preforeance Management

  The inspected object of our center has changed from the key devices of urea project initially to all projects of chemistry and petroleum chemistry refining now. It includes design, manufacturing, stocking, quality and progress during installing and debugging as well as the implement of investment, the whole devices referring to gasification urea, urea, compound

fertilizer, air separation , vitriol, nitric acid, pure alkali, carbinol, pesticide, refining oil, ethane, chemical fiber, coal gas etc.
  Our center has a perfect quality guarantee system and integrated efficiency guarantee regulations. We 've prepared an office for chief engineer who is in charge of technology and quality. We've also designated chief inspector according to personnel specialty and organized aproject-inspecting ministry with sophisticated inspectors . All are pro vided to ensure the quality. Besides, strict secrecy and archives management regulations have been established to protect the business and technology secret of client from the danger of leaking.
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