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  The center founded in Oct 1981, approved by original Chemical Industry Ministry. It's the arliest domestic professional unit, which is professi onal engaged in quality supervision and inspection of chemical and petroch emical process equipments, belonging to a fair tech nology inspection orga nization. It relies on TianHua Chemical Machinery and Automation Re search Designing Institution (original Chemical Machinery and Automation Research Desi gning Institution, Chemical Industry Minis try). In 2004, in order to respond

the national new-promoted equipment Supervision system and adapt to dem and of the market, the center established “ Nan jing SanFang Chemical Equipment Supervision Co., Ltd”.

  The center holds a lot of certifications, including " Metrology Accreditation Certification " 、" Boiler Pressure Container、 Pressure Duct and Special Equipment Check Licence ” issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision ,i nspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China; “ petrochemical industry Product quantity Supervise and inspect center certificate ”awarded by China Petroleum and Chemical Indust ry Association. Moreover, it has passed nati onal laboratory of China Laboratory National Approval Committee and the approval of A-class inspection institution. And now, “ Nan jing SanFang Chemical Equipment Super vision Co., Ltd ” is applying for qualification of equipment Supervision unit.

  The center is engaged in the Key equipments manufacturing process' Supervision, engineering Supervvisi on and periodical examination of in-serving pressure container, pressure pipings in the large-scale, point petroleum chemical engineering and chemical equipment. So far,The center has provided the quality supervision and inspection for large-scale ethylene 、synthetic ammonia 、urea 、sulfuric acid、phosphamidon 、so dium carbonate、oil refining、polyester etc. chemical plant's 3000 suite device's manufacture 、installation、construction, It has inspected the first、second、third kinds of pressure vessel 6000 sets and sin-using、Pressure 500,000 meters which are in use now.

  The center has strong technical power and advanced test equipments. Main equipments include: electron scan microscope, vortex flaw detector, stress determiner, high-temperature metallurgical microscope ,spect rum scope、ferrite graph, KSD multichannel digital furnace duct ultrasonic inspector、digital duct ultrasonic inspector,etc.

  Currently we have 80 formal staff, including 2 professor high-class engineers, 40 high-class engineers, and 30 engineers. And there are 50 inspectors with five years of inspection and check experience, 30 person owning high-class inspector certification issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision , inspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China, 55 person owning II grade and III grade certi fications of non-destructive test also issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, inspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China, 10 national registered equipment Supervisor.

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